Big pill to swallow

Like my blogs title; a big pill to swallow

Accepting lifes bullshit,

a hard act to follow

So how do we move forward in shit situations

Maintaining our patience & remember to swallow

Grab a big glass, fill it with water, swallow that pill

The big pill we swallow– the bulk of the battle

But bullshit in life is a war not just battle

It’s a rough road were riding, but a cost we’ll pay

Because this road is filled with lifes battles,

for my brothers I’ll pray.

Brother be safe & I’ll see you back home

Although I’m not with you

You won’t be alone

A bond between brothers is stronger than stone

I promise we’ll make it, this road will be conquered

 on this road I won’t stop, I’ll always just swallow

The pill will go down, my journey not hollow 

Step after step I promise to follow, because walking alone leaves no

hand to borrow.














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