How things are different

I woke up today and, things just seem different.

I look around, see nothing missing, but something is different.

My thoughts are growing  distant, depression explicit, emotional roller coaster every passing minute.  

I speak without witness to exhibit, how immune our mind can be to limits.

All people are different, some cry as if victim, blaming anyone but themselves for problems existing.

Different isn’t a problem, difference is beauty.  If it’s hard at times being different, just look to the mirror and count what’s missing.

In your reflection you will see that nothing is different,

And surely not missing,

All people have visions, and wishes

Those goals may be different, surely people are unique.


All things are possible as long as we wish it,

We define our limits, decide if obstacles inhibit, dreams or visions, we imagine seeing in reflection.

So look in the mirror, observe your perfection, decide where you’re headed and follow directions.

Step by step, embrace lifes change.  Life’s a book, you move forward…turn the page.

WRITTEN BY: John Owsley











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