Without passion, life would be monotonous.

Although unlikely, perhaps I wouldn’t even smile at the sight of a hippopotamus.

I wouldn’t be afraid in a zombie apocalypse, you know, I could prolly create a rather long list of the things we might miss, if there was no desire for first kiss.

Without passion, falling in love quickly falls out of fashion.  We better prepare now in case of an emergency.

If the world loses all its passion, we will survive because I thought ahead, grabbed some of our love and stashed it.

People will beg and be jealous, but cant have it, they’ll be stuck on the outside gazing at the world we inhabit like addicts,

For the world as a whole this might be tragic, but we have better imaginations than most so were expecting magic,

That is our experience, a journey quite mysterious, no more social adherence, parental interference, all a part of our disappearance that we insist isn’t that serious.


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